EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report

Sometimes the best surprise is no surprise.

Set yourself apart and increase value by recommending new services and providing superior customer care. You can become a buyer's or seller's hero, as well as ensure a hassle free closing, by advising your client to obtain important environ-mental information on and around a residential property.

An EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report for a Hassle-Free Closing.

Potential liabilities like groundwater contamination, hazardous waste sites, and even 'meth' labs can determine whether homebuyers-and you-rest easy with their purchase decision.

Advancements in information technology and access to critical information about the history of every residential property in the U.S. have made it possible for Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR), the nation's leading authority in environmental information, to provide anyone involved in a real estate transaction with important details that can protect all parties involved-and that includes the real estate agent.

With an EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report, now you and your client can see their property's clean bill of health in one thorough, easy-to-read report delivered by an EDR-Certified home inspector.
The majority of residential homes and properties are environmentally clean. In the event that an
environmental issue does get flagged on a property, a home inspector is able to deliver the information in a fact-based, balanced way. An EDR-certified home inspector is trained to carefully walk your client through the report's findings and direct them to additional resources.

Trust the Experts

EDR is the nation's leading and most trusted provider of environmental risk information reports. You can be confident that every EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report is backed by over 15 years of experience and the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the largest collection of local, state, and federal environmental information in the U.S.

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