Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Inspector

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Has your Company been in business for at least 10-years? YES  
Has your Company performed over 5,000+ inspections? YES  
Does your Company's Inspector use Professional equipment? YES  
Does your Company use a Compulevel or Zip Level to evaluate the foundation? (Or how do you inspect the foundation? YES  
Does your Company have ICC Code Certified Inspectors? YES  
Does your Company provide a computerized easy to read on-site report? YES  
Is your Company a full time Inspection Company? YES  
Does your Company provide extended call hours so that inspections can be scheduled immediately? YES  
Are your Inspectors some of most highly trained in the industry? YES  
Do your Inspectors have construction backgrounds? YES  
Do your Inspectors perform New Home Phase Inspections? YES  
Are your Inspectors members of TPREIA? YES  
Are your Inspectors members of the Greater Houston Chapter of TPREIA? YES  
Does your Company offer their Clients' unlimited phone consultation, after the inspections? YES  
Do your inspection reports follow Texas State Laws and Formats? YES  
Are Clients encouraged to attend the inspections? YES  
Do you provide an inspection agreement defining the scope of the inspection? YES  
Does your Inspectors Foundation include elevation readings? YES  
Does your Company offer a FREE Home Security System? YES  
Does your Company assist in scheduling other inspection needs? Security System Inspection? Termite Inspection? Mold & etc? YES  

*Prepared by TexaSpec Inspections on 6-15/PWR 281.370.6803